hi everyone just blogging today about when you feel the need to give up. And when you do feel the need to give up its hard to push on but we should all know that’s it’s not impossible to keep going and we should only strive for the best so just a message for anyone who’s going to give up don’t 

Sale sale sale

Hello everyone I have some new items for sale today I have a cute lucky star glass bottle charm that I can put an eye pin in if you wish I also have really cute sheepy page markers made with sticky notes if u would like anything or have queries about the prices please contact me at rheaquadros@iCloud.con





Confirmed message

This is an individual post to Joycy Biju hi Joycy I did get your wonderful and kind message but I think I accidentally deleted it just lettin you know if you wanted to re write it
Oh and thanks for being a great bff

Hi and shout out to bffs

I would like to give a shoutout to my very close bffs who read my blog Kate Graham, Joycy Biju, Arushi Katti and Tina Zhang I am so thankful to them I never in my life could have asked for better friends than them and really hope they read this as they have supported me and helped me in all that I do and I hope they can satay in touch if any of my bffs are reading this here’s my email rheaquadros@icloud.com