My compendium planner setup 

hey everyone 

So for most of you you may know I recently got a new compendium and I have decided to use it as my planner since I love it so so so much so I’m going to share my setup

Enjoy rhea xx 


In the top left pocket I keep some really cheap sticker books that I’m not afraid to overuse since they were very inexpensive and I have tons 


Let’s move sideways now in the next pocket I have some crystal stickers that I use very carefully as this is my last sheet and they are out of stock now  

 in the next pocket I have some cute Korean diary stickers which I have quite a few of 


 After that I have some cute strawberry sticky notes which I got a while ago 


 In the next pocket I have some cute bunny page flags 


 In the following pocket I have some sticker strips and some ice cream cutout which I got from they were free printables 


 In the biggest pocket I have some decorative paper from Kikki k and hanging from that pocket I have two cute mini notepads 




 Then I have in my pen loop the pen that came with this compendium as it writes quite well 


 Here is a photo of my weeks setup I’m just playing around with the idea of this being my planner so we’ll see how this week goes before I start my next week anyway I hope you guys enjoyed if you would like to see reviews or setups or request a post please let me know in the comments below thank u

Rhea xx 

fluff ball pets

hey everyone,
i have a new product in store today its a fluff ball theses are adorable pets great for kids who want pets but aren’t responsible or if you want some cute decor these are the cutest little things you ever did see and you can get them in two sizes regular or large i prefer the large ones. theses also come in the following colours. pink, yellow, white, blue, green, red. if you want a specific colour id be more than happy to find some for you the best part is the packaging they come in beautiful handmade paper carrier gem shaped boxed filled with either soft sting, wool or clouds (which is actually pillow stuffing new stuffing that is) now for the part you have all been waiting for the price is dum da da da ………
$1.00 yes thats it only one dollar but of course it will differ from which country you are from so $1.oo Australian dollars if you come from america will be 0.78 Us dollars please note this does not include shipping if you would like to discuss shipping prices please contact me at thank u now for a picture enjoy love RHEAxx

How my blog posts work 

hello everyone  just gonna be doing a blog post on how I post blog so I’m going to be sharing my template sort of. So the first thing I do is I think about what I’m going to write about. Then I’ll write down the title and I’ll start writing the main thing so basically the important parts you guys are going to read. After that I’ll add a shout out to one or more person or people. I’ll top it by adding a burning question which is just a question that you can tell me the answer to in the comments below. 

Keep blogging,

Rhea xxx 

Thank you 

thank you all of these people who have posted comments or have emailed me I absolutely love getting emails or comments it just excites me every time someone posts a comment on WordPress it just makes my day. 


what to do when you are bored hmmmm well that is your choice I did not know what to do today I was at one point so so bored I did not know what to do with myself but then I picked myself up after staring endlessly into my bedroom ceiling and realised that there is always something to do. So here I am posting a blog post a feel a pang of guilt coming up as I have not done as many blog post lately as I had been hoping for. And just a Message for commenters I read and reply to every comment as it is liked to my phone so I can guarantee you that I will read your messages or emails that you guys have sent to me. So don’t be afraid to ask an urgent question. 

Today’s burning question : 

What do you do when your bored? 

PS I’m also working on a kawaii magazine. That will 100% be posted tomorrow 

Until next Time 


Business is back in business 

hey everyone just posting to say that the buisness is up and running so if anyone wants anything one I post our product or even if you have any questions either leave it in the comments or email me at:   

Have a wonderful day 

RHEA xxx 

An announcement 

hello everyone 

I have an announcement to make on this blog I will be selling things crafts in particiar I’m going to be starting a small buisness with some of my friends I will let you know when I’m ready to sell as we haven’t fully worked out all the details.

Wishing you a happy day 

Rhea xxx 

Free Planner Inserts

hello everyone,

i hope you have enjoyed my blog so far and i have decided today to share some planner inserts with you. although its not great its for people who only want 5 days of the week. and aren’t very busy. please note these are copy right as they are my own design so please don’t sell it to someone else. calendar for blog and i was kind enough to keep it on a word document so you could tweak it to your liking

thank you to everyone who has left comments and is reading my blog.



some people love to sleep and others don’t. Today I would like to blog about sleep yes an odd topic but I think sleep is where you think or dream about wonderful extraordinary things that may or may not come true but surely dreams do come true whether it’s in another life or in your life it does happen believe me I speak from experience. Sleep is something I crave everyday although I don’t crave it in the morning I hate to sleep when it’s early I like to think dream and sleep in the pitch black peace of the night. Today’s burning blog question is : how do you sleep when your excited about something