Sunday funday 

hey hey everyone hope you guys are doing well today I’d like to share a little review post of my tamagotchi ps it’s my favourite version of the tamagotchi please note it is not new it is one year old and I had neglected it for a few months but it was a rainy boring Sunday morning and I decided to put in some new batteries and get it up and running so here are a few pics of my new tamagotchi ps and my older tamagotchi tamago  


Here as you can see is the charms I hung from my tamagotchi ps 

   And here is my tamagotchi tamago 

Hope you enjoy 

RHEA xx 

Happy late birthday joycy

hey everyone,

i am so sorry to have missed my best friend joycy’s birthday (sorry Joycy) and i would like to dedicate this post to her thanks so much joycy cause your the best friend a person could ever have and I’m so lucky to have you as a best friend and happy birthday hope you had a lovely birthday and i wish you all the best 

from you always will be best friend

RHEA xxx

Random acts of Kindness

hello everyone,

so recently i have been into kindness and making others happy so i decided to make a kindness envelope kit the kit comes in an envelope you can choose from several patterns. the pack includes: a cute page of kindness ideas,stickers, memo sheets, sticky notes a pencil , an easer some cute already prepared notes and one of my pom pom pets in jumbo size.

i made this to encourage  kindness so please leave in the comments below random acts of kindness that you have done in the past few days or even ideas for others to try

much love,

RHEA xxxx