hey everyone,

i have come up with a new idea; to link a word document you can click on that takes you to a few pages of hilarious pictures your mission is to not smile, grin or laugh check out this week’s issue. every week i will post a new issue

here is this week’s issue : —click here

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DESK TOUR !!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

hey guys,

i wanted to blog today about your own room and your own space personally i think it’s really great to have a space of your own to think and be creative. so yesterday i decided to clear out my room and re arrange but in todays post i will be sharing my desk tour!!! here you go enjoy:


this is the full view of my desk


my desk is glass but had paint spills and scratches so i covered my desk in pretty wrapping paper this is the design of the paper i used.


a little above my desk i have cute little storage boxes that i picked up from ikea

on the right side of my desk i have a cute little glass pink sanded sand timer and a desktop calendar



to the left of my desk i have a little pink easter bunny from easter that i didn’t have the heart to put away a mini pink desktop bin and my pencil pot.

i also have in the first storage wall box my planner as you can see

i hope you enjoyed this desk tour please feel free to share ideas of more desk decoration ideas and if you would like to buy something from this website or simply share ideas or even inquire about a product feel free to email me at:

thanks until next time,

RHEA xxx