a blog with lots of picture (enjoy)!



i hope you are all doing well.

lets get straight into this blog !!! šŸ˜‰


ever wondered what to do with a white gel pen write on black paper and snap a pic in a dim light and the white becomes extra vibrant. send me pics of what you draw and write !


i have pretty magnetic page markers/ bookmarks for sale at only 50c each (Aussie dollar) if you would like to see more pics of these bookmarks just comment down below letting me know. if you would like to discuss the patterned paper and designs for this bookmark also comment down below saying so and i will do a post for that.


anyone ever just taken interest in tissues i am in no way sponsoring keenex i just happen to have a pack on hand and thought to myself how beautiful the patterns looked what do you think ? ever notice little things in life that you think no one else notices? if so comment down below on what you noticed today.


sorry this pic is tilted but yes that is an octopus toy floating in my water ever had a clear drink bottle and had trouble not seeing your water level well with this cute toy you can he even does cute little tricks!

until next time