I have so much to tell

Hey everyone , 

I missed you all heaps xx                       I have a few things to share with you today so read on and remember to enjoy. 

1. My ballet pointe shoes came 

That’s right my pointe shoes came I have 3 different photos of me in my pointe shoes the first on is me en pointe the 2nd is in 3rd position. 

2.  My planner for 2016 

 I am a Kikki k shopaholic and i wasn’t supposed to give this away so soon but I couldn’t hold the excitement anylonger so here it is ; my planner for 2016 more pics will be posted soon so look out for that. 

3. My favourite quote   
This is my all time favourite quote 


Cute iPhone backgrounds I’ve found along the way ( the way of countless hours of researching for iPhone backgrounds) do I take no credit for any of these as none of these are my designs. 

And that draws me to the end of this blog post. 

Hope to see you soon, 

Much love, 

RHEA xxx 


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