Nic nacs 

Hey everyone, 

I have a blog post full of pics so just sit back and enjoy 🙂 
I got a cute new hairbow anyone have any hairstyle ideas that include a cute bow? 


My fujifilm instax mini 8 camera case came what do u think ? 
  Until next time 

Rhea xxx  

I have so much to tell

Hey everyone , 

I missed you all heaps xx                       I have a few things to share with you today so read on and remember to enjoy. 

1. My ballet pointe shoes came 

That’s right my pointe shoes came I have 3 different photos of me in my pointe shoes the first on is me en pointe the 2nd is in 3rd position. 

2.  My planner for 2016 

 I am a Kikki k shopaholic and i wasn’t supposed to give this away so soon but I couldn’t hold the excitement anylonger so here it is ; my planner for 2016 more pics will be posted soon so look out for that. 

3. My favourite quote   
This is my all time favourite quote 


Cute iPhone backgrounds I’ve found along the way ( the way of countless hours of researching for iPhone backgrounds) do I take no credit for any of these as none of these are my designs. 

And that draws me to the end of this blog post. 

Hope to see you soon, 

Much love, 

RHEA xxx 

Waiting ….. 


Today I am going to blog about waiting since its one of the things we all do sometimes once a week sometimes as much as once a day.

Waiting tests your patience and patience comes naturally for some  and comes… Well not so naturally for others. For the past week I have been feeling very impatient with my self and with others. 

Sometimes we just have to sit and do nothing and some don’t understand that feeling at all. That is till they to feel the way you do. You know , that feeling when your not tired but you just want to sit and stare at the wall till you feel better or just think till everything is thought through and it is important to embrace these feeling because once you do you will feel a whole lot better. 

I am waiting on two packages to come in the mail  and I have been getting very impatient my method for this is to just forget once you forget for a while it will come a happy surprise later on. 


Guess what ? 
I bought the fujifilm intax mini 8 camera for my birthday yay!! And of course as you might have guessed it’s pink I have ordered the case from eBay and waiting for it to arrive. 

My fujifilm intax mini 8 camera 

Guess what? 

I’m getting new ballet pointe shoes yay! Also coming in the mail the picture below is the sellers image of how the shoes will look  

   Until next next time , 

Much love, 

Rhea xxx 

Happy birthday Kate 


Today is one of my best friends birthday. And I’d just like to let her know what an amazing and sweet friend she is and I hope all her wishes come true. 

Feel free to wish her in the comments below I’m sure she will have a look thanks so much for reading

Much love, 

Rhea xxx 

a blog with lots of picture (enjoy)!



i hope you are all doing well.

lets get straight into this blog !!! 😉


ever wondered what to do with a white gel pen write on black paper and snap a pic in a dim light and the white becomes extra vibrant. send me pics of what you draw and write !


i have pretty magnetic page markers/ bookmarks for sale at only 50c each (Aussie dollar) if you would like to see more pics of these bookmarks just comment down below letting me know. if you would like to discuss the patterned paper and designs for this bookmark also comment down below saying so and i will do a post for that.


anyone ever just taken interest in tissues i am in no way sponsoring keenex i just happen to have a pack on hand and thought to myself how beautiful the patterns looked what do you think ? ever notice little things in life that you think no one else notices? if so comment down below on what you noticed today.


sorry this pic is tilted but yes that is an octopus toy floating in my water ever had a clear drink bottle and had trouble not seeing your water level well with this cute toy you can he even does cute little tricks!

until next time


long time no blog !, obsessions, help with blog and purchasing a camera !

hey everyone ,

long time no blog! (ha ha ha). I hope you are all doing well.

i  wanted to share with you my  obsession of the man vs pin youtube videos by Threadbanger so please go check out those videos they are extremely entertaining !!!!

nowadays i have quite a bit of trouble deciding what to blog about and i can’t stress this fact enough; PLEASE LEAVE REQUESTS OF WHAT YOU WOULD LIKE ME TO BLOG ABOUT!!!!!

i will be purchasing the fujifilmintax mini 8 instant camera if you have this camera please feel free to let me know the pros and cons of this camera ;)Much happiness,

Rhea xx

I AM BACK!!!!!!!! -_-

hi everyone,

i have been getting lots of emails, messages and requests to hurry up and do a post so ask you asked here you go guys.

MY ZINE!!!!!

when is my zine coming out well its almost finished i just have to print it and and finishing touches and it will be ready to be sold.


yup that’s right i have a pinterest account so make sure you go check it out: Rhea


please request blog posts as it is super helpful when you guys tell me what you would like me to blog about

bye bye



hey everyone,

i have come up with a new idea; to link a word document you can click on that takes you to a few pages of hilarious pictures your mission is to not smile, grin or laugh check out this week’s issue. every week i will post a new issue

here is this week’s issue : —click here

good luck you will need it ,

Rhea xxx

DESK TOUR !!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

hey guys,

i wanted to blog today about your own room and your own space personally i think it’s really great to have a space of your own to think and be creative. so yesterday i decided to clear out my room and re arrange but in todays post i will be sharing my desk tour!!! here you go enjoy:


this is the full view of my desk


my desk is glass but had paint spills and scratches so i covered my desk in pretty wrapping paper this is the design of the paper i used.


a little above my desk i have cute little storage boxes that i picked up from ikea

on the right side of my desk i have a cute little glass pink sanded sand timer and a desktop calendar



to the left of my desk i have a little pink easter bunny from easter that i didn’t have the heart to put away a mini pink desktop bin and my pencil pot.

i also have in the first storage wall box my planner as you can see

i hope you enjoyed this desk tour please feel free to share ideas of more desk decoration ideas and if you would like to buy something from this website or simply share ideas or even inquire about a product feel free to email me at:

thanks until next time,

RHEA xxx

my new zine

hey everyone,
hope you all are doing well so sorry i have not blogged in a while. 😦
i am blogging today to inform you that i will be making a mini handwritten and handmade zine. so keep your eyes opened for this update the zines will cost $3:00 without shipping. the zines come with extras always 🙂

Rhea xxx