a horror story for your entertainment

i have decided today to write a short horror story for your entertainment it is not scary at all for me but i don’t know about you so if you are not a fan of horror and get scared easily or are very young please exit this post for the rest of you who are reading on here you go:


“Ring, ring, ring”, went the phone I was all-alone in this house…. my house. My parents were in Spain and wouldn’t come back till next week. It was exactly midnight. “Who would call at 1:20″, I murmured half asleep. I walked over walking quietly through the almost quiet house. I picked up the phone and answered, ” hello, who’s speaking”, in a tired and uncaring tone. The voice on the phone replied back “check the back door”, in a voice that made shivers run up my spine and my stomach turn. I carefully put the phone down and check the back door. It was wide open. I stood in silence shocked and scared as other unwanted feelings rushed over me. I turned around and carefully walked over to the kitchen. I got the shock of my life I wanted to run and scream and flee all at the same time. But I couldn’t speak and my feet stayed glued to the floor. A shiny stainless steel butchers knife covered with red blood and an envelope with bloody handprints lay on the kitchen slab. I was so curious as to what was in the envelope but I knew I couldn’t stay in the kitchen any longer so I grabbed to envelope and quietly and carefully ran to my bed room I locked the door behind me and and got into bed pulled the covers up all the way and pretended to be asleep. Suddenly I stopped as the closet door creaked open a few inches. I shut my eyes quickly and pulled down the covers so I was looking at the closet out of the corner of my eyes saw a dark figure with a silver knife that glinted through the darkness and a maniac smile. I pulled back the covers all the way slowly and silently and pulled a torch from under my pillow my whole body was trembling from horror I pulled out the envelope and read the blood stained letter it read: I know your awake I froze with fright as the closet door creaked open and the dark figure shifted with a manically twisted grin and laugh as the figure got closer and closer…………

Stop Yulin festival 

hello everyone, 

I have a very depressing terrible horrible matter to talk about today the Yulin festival and what it is I had no idea what it was until my friend showed it to me help stop Yulin it’s so horrible those poor dogs I feel so bad for them what can we do well we can post: stop Yulin and tell everyone to stand up against it post it on all social media sites come on guys how many of you have cute dogs how would you feel if this happened to you dog ? 

Come on please have a heart what kind of festival do you kill and torture  dog and then eat them hmm ??? Please help innocent adorable dogs are counting on us😢😢😢😢😢😢 

The little things in life 

we never seem to notice the tiny little things in life we just seem to be buisier with other things or when one thing goes wrong we tend to forget about the seven other good things that happened. So to focus on the good things in life and just calm my self and get rid of the stress around me I have made this little method for myself and anyone else to use: 

1. Find a quiet place where none will walk in on you

2. Sit straight at a desk on the chair or at the table somewhere where you are comfy and your back is straight 

3. Then grab a sheet of paper or a dedicated notebook and write how you feel and the good things in your life title this notebook “What Went Well” 

4. It is very important you don’t write a whole journal entry you just need to write in dot points it should be quick 

5. Do not focus much on handwriting as long as you can read it it’s fine 

6. Don’t do this when you are on a rush make sure you have a lot of time 

I hope you enjoyed this post I will be bringing out a cut printable poster and binder inserts of these steps very soon 😉😉😉😉

Burning question: 

How do you use your notebooks ?????

Until next time 

Rhea xxx 😊😊😊😊😊

A lot of little things 


Hope everyone is doing well. Today is like to share with you a few pictures statements comments and pharagraphs that I’d just like to show you I really hope you will enjoy this individual blog post. 

1. My dog.                                                   My dog is a bull mastiff cross Labrador and he is darling . I absolutely adore him. So I thought I’d share a picture of him with you.  His name is Nugget

2. My tamagotchi 

It’s true I love to take care of people animals and things although I like to take them everywhere I go and in some cases that’s not possible so it’s great to have a tamagotchi when you in that situation . And at the moment unfortunately my tamagotchi has passed away 😔😣😭 as u can see 

3. My Zelf 

Which always manages to give me luck and courage. 


4. My compendium which I won’t leave a pic of since you have see quite a few I just feel it’s so much easier to let my ideas and thoughts run free in there. 

5.my bird 

My bird is a great singer she sings when she’s on her own world. I love her a lot she is a cocketeil. Hr name is Ella 


So I hope you enjoyed this post if you liked this post be sure to comment below 


A shout out to Arushi Katti as it  her birthday tomorrow happy birthday Arushi  

Sunday funday 

hey hey everyone hope you guys are doing well today I’d like to share a little review post of my tamagotchi ps it’s my favourite version of the tamagotchi please note it is not new it is one year old and I had neglected it for a few months but it was a rainy boring Sunday morning and I decided to put in some new batteries and get it up and running so here are a few pics of my new tamagotchi ps and my older tamagotchi tamago  


Here as you can see is the charms I hung from my tamagotchi ps 

   And here is my tamagotchi tamago 

Hope you enjoy 

RHEA xx 

Happy late birthday joycy

hey everyone,

i am so sorry to have missed my best friend joycy’s birthday (sorry Joycy) and i would like to dedicate this post to her thanks so much joycy cause your the best friend a person could ever have and I’m so lucky to have you as a best friend and happy birthday hope you had a lovely birthday and i wish you all the best 

from you always will be best friend

RHEA xxx

Random acts of Kindness

hello everyone,

so recently i have been into kindness and making others happy so i decided to make a kindness envelope kit the kit comes in an envelope you can choose from several patterns. the pack includes: a cute page of kindness ideas,stickers, memo sheets, sticky notes a pencil , an easer some cute already prepared notes and one of my pom pom pets in jumbo size.

i made this to encourage  kindness so please leave in the comments below random acts of kindness that you have done in the past few days or even ideas for others to try

much love,

RHEA xxxx

My compendium planner setup 

hey everyone 

So for most of you you may know I recently got a new compendium and I have decided to use it as my planner since I love it so so so much so I’m going to share my setup

Enjoy rhea xx 


In the top left pocket I keep some really cheap sticker books that I’m not afraid to overuse since they were very inexpensive and I have tons 


Let’s move sideways now in the next pocket I have some crystal stickers that I use very carefully as this is my last sheet and they are out of stock now  

 in the next pocket I have some cute Korean diary stickers which I have quite a few of 


 After that I have some cute strawberry sticky notes which I got a while ago 


 In the next pocket I have some cute bunny page flags 


 In the following pocket I have some sticker strips and some ice cream cutout which I got from mockery.com they were free printables 


 In the biggest pocket I have some decorative paper from Kikki k and hanging from that pocket I have two cute mini notepads 




 Then I have in my pen loop the pen that came with this compendium as it writes quite well 


 Here is a photo of my weeks setup I’m just playing around with the idea of this being my planner so we’ll see how this week goes before I start my next week anyway I hope you guys enjoyed if you would like to see reviews or setups or request a post please let me know in the comments below thank u

Rhea xx 

fluff ball pets

hey everyone,
i have a new product in store today its a fluff ball theses are adorable pets great for kids who want pets but aren’t responsible or if you want some cute decor these are the cutest little things you ever did see and you can get them in two sizes regular or large i prefer the large ones. theses also come in the following colours. pink, yellow, white, blue, green, red. if you want a specific colour id be more than happy to find some for you the best part is the packaging they come in beautiful handmade paper carrier gem shaped boxed filled with either soft sting, wool or clouds (which is actually pillow stuffing new stuffing that is) now for the part you have all been waiting for the price is dum da da da ………
$1.00 yes thats it only one dollar but of course it will differ from which country you are from so $1.oo Australian dollars if you come from america will be 0.78 Us dollars please note this does not include shipping if you would like to discuss shipping prices please contact me at rheaquadros@icloud.com thank u now for a picture enjoy love RHEAxx